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Rockford Christian Principal's Corner

Harry Knol

Harry Knol


Dear Friends of Rockford Christian:

I have written before about Family Time here at Rockford Christian. We start our school week with this whole school gathering as a weekly reminder that we are engaged in Christian Education and putting Christ first at the start of the week starts us with that focus.  Everyone is welcome to attend and I know you will be blessed by worshiping with the students. 

This week, along with the singing led by Pastor Will,  we had Mr. Warners (middle school teacher) lead us in a message. Mr. Warners wrapped up a present in front of the students and as he did that he talked about Christmas.  He gave the present to a student with the direction she had to give it away. She gave it to Mr. Bakker.  It was a glass cross to be shared with the entire school. He made a wonderful distinction between secular Christmas and the true meaning. This is not to say (on my part) that gift giving and receiving is not fun! Rather, like our weekly Family Time helps set us on a path for the week here at school, this message helps me as a reminder of what I need to keep in mind this Christmas season and throughout the year. The end of Mr. Warner's message, which was delivered to the students, is included here.  

Jesus did not come to earth to simply be a baby in a manger and to complete a beautiful nativity scene.  This is not the point.  God gave us his son so he could die on our behalf and then conquer death with the resurrection.  This gift is what Christmas is ultimately all about.
Keep your eye on the future, Christmas revelers.  Remember the purpose of it all.  Our gifts to each other do not begin to measure up to the gift that God gave us.  Celebrate, but your celebration ought to include a vision of what happened thirty-three years later.  Give your gifts, but do not let the gift-giving become the highlight of the season.  Remember the cross during this time of year.  Forget about the stress and the time and the money and the worry.  Remember what that baby signified all along, that we can be made right with God.

-Harry Knol


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