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Rockford Christian Principal's Corner

Harry Knol

Harry Knol


Dear Friends of Rockford Christian:

Today as I prepared to write I found myself needing some inspiration.  So, I told Mrs. Radius I was going to go and sit with children to find some inspiration as I write this piece.  

The first thing I saw was a group of preschoolers walking hand in hand through the hallway.  There was a Kindergartener telling me he did not know what to write.  His table partner said, "then how about what you did on the stay home days?".  "That's it!", he exclaimed and got to work.

4th graders were offering to give me hugs in the Art room as their hands were full of molding clay.  A second grader told me she was getting really good at reading because she now uses sticky notes to remember important things she read.  There was a conversation with a preschool teacher earlier about the wonderful developing minds of three year olds and how that shapes the activities we plan for them.

Finally, third graders in the computer lab excitedly saying: "Look Mr. Knol at what I created!".  

I am inspired by what I saw:  friendship, helpfulness, kindness, resourcefulness and the joy of learning.

-Harry Knol


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