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Rockford Christian Principal's Corner

Harry Knol

Harry Knol


I have always enjoyed Thanksgiving. The recurring themes of family, food, fellowship, and fun are some of the reasons why I look forward to this time. 

Yesterday at Family Time, we, as a school community, reflected a bit on Thanksgiving. Staff came up and shared some of their most memorable Thanksgiving memories while our 5th-grade students shared researched pieces about the Thanksgiving Holiday. As I sat at the back of the room running the powerpoint for the music what came to mind was Psalm 92:2. "Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song."

I (we) have much to be thankful for. Yesterday I was thankful for the kids' voices raised in song, the preschoolers sharing a feast, the hugs in the morning and the 3rd grader who showed me he now knew how to do his math.

-Harry Knol


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