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An education worth investing in.

Grand Rapids Christian Schools is committed to providing an excellent Christian education in an environment that deepens faith and a personal relationship with Christ to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We understand that paying tuition is a considerable investment, and therefore do all we can to not only use those resources wisely but also to raise additional funds to ensure our ability to fulfill our mission and meet the changing needs of our schools.

GRCS offers the following tuition structure:

Variable Tuition: a reduced tuition rate that is dependent on each family's unique financial situation. Variable tuition is available for students in grades K-12 and requires an annual application to FACTS, GRCS' need assessment tool. The final reduced rate is determined by GRCS's Chief Financial Officer and reflected in each family's tuition account. Variable tuition rates reflect the deduction of available grants.

Full Tuition: the standard tuition rate for each student attending GRCS. Families who do not qualify for variable tuition pay the full tuition rate. Full tuition rates already reflect the deduction of available grants.

True Cost of Education: the full tuition rate without the deduction of available grants. Parents who do not wish to receive grants may choose to give a donation in the amount of the grants or any other amount, by indicating this on their Continuous Enrollment Agreement. Grant amounts are annually approved by the Board of Trustees.


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