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Online Ordering

It's easier than ever to earn TRIP credit with the following options for online and mobile shopping. Many families maximize their earning potential by using ALL of the options! Encourage family and friends to participate too by setting up their own accounts (TRIP registration form required).

What is ShopWithScrip?

ShopWithScrip offers online and mobile access to 750+ brands with the same TRIP credit you earn from our physical gift cards (with a few exceptions — see note below *).

To Get Started:

  2. Make sure you have turned in a TRIP Registration form (available to print here). 
  3. Contact us for an enrollment code or user name.  
  4. Go to or to access your account.
  5. To pay for your online orders, link your bank account or pay with a credit card. (NOTE:  Although a pay-by-check option is offered, our policy requires all orders to be paid at the time they are placed). 

At the website and on the RaiseRight mobile app, you have the following 3 options for placing orders. (Not all retailers offer all 3 options; the retailer’s shopping page will list available options -- make sure you select the one you really want!)

1. Physical Gift Cards: Orders for physical cards placed by midnight on Wednesdays are available to pick-up the following week. If your order is received after  midnight on Wednesday, we will only fill the items we have in stock and order the remainder for pick-up the following week. (When the TRIP Office is closed, no orders are processed, so please allow extra time).

2. eGift Cards: Immediately download (or print) e-cards for more than 400 retailers!

3. Reload: Keep using physical cards you've purchased through our program by adding funds to the card on the spot!

Click here for more information on eGift cards and Reloadable cards.

4. RaiseRight mobile app: The newly designed, easy-to-use mobile app, RaiseRight by ShopWithScrip, is now available! Shop gift cards from more than 750 top brands to earn TRIP credit on your daily purchases. Anytime you want, anywhere you go.
Get the app here!

If you have already been using the mobilie-optimized website, MyScripWallet (still available for a limited time), pick up right where you left off! Sign in with your same ShopWithScrip username and password. Access your gift cards right away. And check out with payment information already saved to your account. 

Benefit Mobile App

This convenient mobile app allows you to earn tuition credit by instantly purchasing and redeeming electronic gift cards, in the exact amount you need, from over 170 retailers!

Click here to be sent directly to our organization page or Download Benefit from the App Store or Google Play and set up your secure profile. Banking or credit card information is required (reduced rebate percentages when using a credit card). Select Grand Rapids Christian Schools in the Beneficiaries tab. When asked Who are you supporting, enter your TRIP account number.

Please note that Benefit Mobile retailers and percentages very from those offered at the TRIP Office and

*Please Note!

Eagle-TRIP orders directly from certain vendors in order to offer a better rebate percentage on physical cards. Those cards, which we carry in-stock, are NOT reloadable. ShopWithScrip offers these same retailers at a lower rebate; many are reloadable but must be ordered a week ahead. At, our 
in-stock, non-reloadable cards with a higher rebate are designated with (GRCS) after the product name. Check the list below for the available options listed at

Meijer (GRCS) - 4%, not reloadable (in-stock)
Meijer (not AK and HI) - 3%, Reload offered (special order) 
Speed way (GRCS) - 5%, not reloadable (in-stock)
Speedway - 3%, Reload offered (special order)

Celebration Cinema (GRCS) - 5%, not reloadable (in-stock)
Celebration Cinema - 4%, not reloadable (special order)

D&W / Family Fare / Forest Hills Foods (GRCS) - 3%, not reloadable (in-stock)
D&W Fresh Market - 2%, not reloadable (special order)
Family Fare - 2%, not reloadable (special order)

Exxon/Mobil (GRCS) - 2%, not reloadable (in-stock)
Exxon - 1% for physical card, 1.5% for Reload (special order)
Mobil - 1% for physical card, 1.5% for Reload (special order)
Kohl's (GRCS) - 5%, not reloadable (in-stock)
Kohl’s - 4% (ScripNow offered)

Note: It’s easiest to find the option you want by searching alphabetically!