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TRIP Program Policies

 TRIP (Tuition Reduction Incentive Program) is administered by Eagle-TRIP LLC in partnership with Grand Rapids Christian Schools. Eagle-TRIP purchases gift cards for national and local retailers at a discount and sells them to registered participants at face value. The discount amount is credited to the tuition account indicated on the participant's registration form. Eagle-TRIP retains an administrative fee of 18% of total credit earned to cover the program's operating expenses.

All current and future families and friends of the Grand Rapids Christian Schools community may participate. Please complete a registration form and return it to the TRIP Office.  An account number will be assigned to you. You may designate your TRIP credit to be applied to your own tuition account, another family's tuition account, a church's Christian education fund, or the Eagles Fund. If you wish to donate your TRIP credit to a family in another Christian school system or Christian college, an account will be set up in your name. When TRIP credit is distributed, contact the GRCS Business Office to direct your funds. If you do not yet have a student enrolled at GRCS, TRIP credit will be retained in your tuition account until needed.

In-Person Gift Card Sales: Physical gift cards for many popular retailers are available for immediate purchase at designated times and locations. You may also special order cards for additional retailers, denominations and out-of-stock brands for future pick-up. Special orders must be paid at the time they are placed. We accept payment by cash or check (payable to Eagle-TRIP LLC). Credit and debit cards are not accepted. Locations, hours of operation, closings, summer schedules and other updates are available on our website, Facebook page (Eagle-TRIP LLC) and on Instagram @eagletrip.grcs.

Online and Mobile Ordering: Registered TRIP participants may request an enrollment code to set up an account at or download the RaiseRight app. The online account allows you to purchase electronic gift cards, reload funds onto existing cards, and order physical cards to be shipped-to-home or delivered to the TRIP Office (options vary by brand). Online orders must be paid by linked bank account, credit card or debit card when they are placed. 

Returned Checks / Failed Payments: If your check is returned by the bank, or if your online payment fails for non-sufficient funds (NSF), you will incur a $10 (check) or $30 (electronic payment) fee in addition to the amount of the original payment. We have the right to suspend future orders and withhold TRIP credit earned until the balance has been cleared. For repeated occurrences, we have the right to require cash payments. 

TRIP Credit Distribution: TRIP credit earned for each account will be accumulated and distributed to GRCS on or near May 1 and November 1 of each year. The GRCS Business Office will apply the credit to your next tuition payment, unless you have made other arrangements. TRIP account distribution statements are available upon request. If you do not yet have a student enrolled, credit will be retained in your TRIP account until needed.

School Closing Policy: If GRCES, Iroquois Campus is cancelled on the day designated for gift card sales, due to weather or another reason, gift card sales will take place on the following day, if school reopens. If Rockford Christian School is cancelled or delayed on the day designated for gift card sales, there will be NO gift card sales at RCS that week.

  • Please Double-Check All Orders! Eagle-TRIP LLC is not required to accept gift cards/certificates for return or exchange. If we have made a mistake in filling an order, please notify us as soon as possible and we will do our best to correct the error.
  • All Gift Cards / Certificates Are The Same As Cash! Eagle-TRIP LLC and Grand Rapids Christian Schools are not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards or certificates.
  • Gift Cards / Certificates Are Purchased At Your Own Risk!  Please read all terms printed on the card/certificate. We recommend that they be used in a timely manner. Eagle-TRIP is not responsible for refund or exchange of unused cards/certificates from a retailer that has gone out of business or a card/certificate that has expired. When using paper certificates, do not expect to receive change back.