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Michigan Boys Volleyball

Michigan Boys Volleyball

Michigan Boys Volleyball Conference is the home of high school boys volleyball in Michigan. The conference has grown from 4 schools in the spring of 2018 to 58 in the spring of 2023. Boys Volleyball will likely be the next boys sport to be sanctioned by the Michigan High School Athletic Association.  A petition has been submitted to the MHSAA in July, 2023 to adopt Boys Volleyball as the next MHSAA sponsored sport.  As developments occur, we will post updates on social media.

It is our intention to grow this sport in lockstep with MHSAA regulations so that when there are enough schools (roughly 10% of the schools in the state) to warrant a state tournament, the transition will be seamless. If you have any questions, please contact Jason Heerema, GR Christian Athletic Director or call cell at 616.340.6802.


Michigan High School Boys Volleyball History

Spring 2018
The inaugural season saw the formation of the four-school West Michigan Boys Volleyball Conference, comprised of Allendale, Grand Rapids Christian, Grand Haven, and Kalamazoo Christian.  Grand Haven won the first-ever Conference Champion. Additionally, West Ottawa formed a team.

Spring 2019
Our second season saw a name change to MIBoysVB to reflect the larger statewide footprint. Twelve schools formed two divisions. The Metro division includes Bath, Battle Creek St. Philip, GR Christian, Kalamazoo Christian, Lansing, and Lowell. The Lakeshore division is comprised of Allendale, Grand Haven, Mona Shores, Reeths Puffer, South Christian, and West Ottawa. The Metro division crowned co-champions Kalamazoo Christian and GR Christian and the Lakeshore division crowned West Ottawa. In the first ever post-season Regional Championship, Grand Haven beat GR Christian for the title.

Spring 2020
Despite tremendous interest, we lost this year due to COVID.

Spring 2021
There were 3 divisions: 

  1. Central:  Covenant Christian, Grand Rapids Christian, Hudsonville, Kalamazoo Christian, Lowell (Conference Champs), South Christian, and Sparta
  2. West: Allendale, Grand Haven (Conference Champs), Holland Christian, Mona Shores, Reeths Puffer, Spring Lake, and West Ottawa
  3. East:  Bath, Calhoun Christian, Detroit Catholic Central, Lansing Christian (Conference Champs, and North Branch

District Champs:  Hudsonville, Lowell, Mona Shores, and South Christian
Regional Champ:  Hudsonville

Spring 2022:
The league was comprised of 37 schools in 5 divisions:  West, Grand Rapids North, Grand Rapids South, Central, and East.  Conference champs were crowned int he 5 divisions (Grand Haven, Lansing Christian, Lowell, Northville, South Christian).  Eight district champs emerged in the state tournament play (Grand Haven, Grand Rapids Christian, Hudsonville, Lansing Christian, Lowell, Northville, Sparta, Swartz Creek).  Regional champs were Grand Haven, Hudsonville, Lansing Christian, Lowell.  Hudsonville defeated Grand Haven to be the Tournament Champions.

Spring 2023:
The spring of 2023 saw the east side of the state finally surge forward with long-awaited growth. There are nine conferences across the state- Ann Arbor, Detroit North, Detroit West, Capital, Southern, Grand Rapids South, West and North, and Lakeshore. The growth to 58 schools and the significantly broader geographical representation meant that it was now time to add a state title game and crown our first ever state champion. The enormous gap in enrollment between the smallest school at 321 and the largest school/co-op at 5503 meant that it was also time to split into two divisions. Nine conference champions and 12 district champions have been crowned across the state. All-Conference and Honorable Mention awards have been handed out and Academic and All-State awards processes are well underway. State rankings have been done for the first time and for the first time ever we crowned two state champions in boys volleyball!

  • Division 1 State Champion:  Hudsonville
  • Division 2 State Champion: Lowell

Spring 2024:
Michigan Boys Volleyball submitted a petition to the MHSAA to become an MHSAA-sponsored sport.



Athletic Director

Jason Heerema

Asst. Athletic Director

Kevin Broene

Athletic Assistant 

Carolyn Groendyk