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Middle School Athletics

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Middle School Sports


Middle School Club Sports


GRCS Recreation Department Sports

What is this?  Team sports offered for students to compete within the GRACEAC Middle School League.  Students will compete with other students form their individual campus (i.e., GRCMS competes with students form GRCMS, and RCS students compete with RCS students).

What is this?  Sports that do not have an offering in the GRACEAC league, but offered to students to learn and grow through their participation. Club Sports are aligned with offerings at the high school level.

What is this?  Middle school sports that have a high school offering that are not offered by GRCS nor included in the GRACEAC Leauge. The Recreation Department offers clinics and camps for youth development of high school sports.

Fees:  There are no fees, included within tuition.

Fees:  Fees by sport range from $50 - $80 per student.

Who can play:  Programs offered to students who attend GRCMS and Rockford Christian.

Who can play:  Programs available to students who attend area Christian schools and homeschool students

Who can play:  Open to anyone from any school who attends middle school

League:  GRACEAC League

League:  Various leagues, or no league (not GRACEAC)

League:  Various leagues (not GRACEAC)