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Growing Deeper

Encourage. Inform. Grow Together.

Growing Deeper was created because we know raising young people in the world today is not easy.  Through the Growing Deeper series, we will learn from the experts together, gaining strategies and tools to tackle tough issues while continuing to foster students' Christian faith. 

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Growing Deeper Speaker Series

Growing Deeper is a yearly speaker series aimed at partnering with our broader parent and church community as a way to corporately learn from experts by gaining strategies and tools to tackle challenging issues while continuing to foster Christian faith within ourselves and our students.

For the 2021-2022 school year, the Growing Deeper series will focus on this year's theme: One Another. We will bring in speakers to tackle tough topics such as resilience, loving through conflict, empathy, service, and more.


2021-2022 Growing Deeper Events


If you have any questions about the Growing Deeper speaker series, please contact:

Mark VanderWerf

Bible Theology Teacher, Chaplain

Nick DeKoster

Director of Academic and Innovative Programs

Tom DeJonge