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Parent Teacher Organizations

Recognizing that every student is a gift from God, the mission of the Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School PTO is to complement our curriculum; enhance, enrich, and encourage the education of students; and to support our staff and community.

This school year promises many exciting opportunities for Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School students and families. The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) plays a vital role in making these opportunities available for our students. Working closely with parents from both the Iroquois Campus and the Evergreen Campus, the PTO plans for the wonderful things God has in store for Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School.


Are you interested in being part of the PTO for the 2022-2023 school year? We welcome your inquiry or questions. Feel free to contact:

Alisha Snyder, Chair at
Ann Vidro, Vice-Chair at
Holly Gibson, Evergreen Liason at

Current PTO members include: Alisha Snyder, Ann Vidro, Amber Kunnen, La'Leatha Spillers, Angelica Rodriguez, Jonathan Helder, Kate DenBraber, Kristen Van Stee, Katie Wierenga, Amanda Cisneros, Joyce Franklin 

GRCES staff representatives: John Barkel, Graham Schultze, Sheryl Rozendal, Linda Jonker.

Volunteers are an essential part of a successful school year. Volunteering is a great way to meet other parents and your kids will love to see you at school! Contact a PTO chairperson for opportunities Many hands make light work!

Want to learn more about our PTO?
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Thank you for your support of the PTO and its efforts for the children who attend Grand Rapids Christian Iroquois and Evergreen Elementary Schools!

Did you know?
The Eagle Dash is our largest fundraiser of the year. In the fall of 2022, we raised over $82,000!
We could not have done this without the students, sponsors, teachers, parents, families, administrators and community! Every dollar you give goes directly towards supporting our children.
 What are these funds used for?
  1. Over $20,000 is used to support all field trips at both campuses.
  2. $10,000 used to financed our final payment on the Evergreen new playground equipment
  3. $10,000 Supports every teacher with an annual reimbursement for supplies, books, activity materials, etc. that are not covered in the standard school budget.
  4. $5,000 Assists in supporting Heritage Months through artwork, guest speakers, activities, etc.
  5. $5,500 Playground supervisors
  6. $6,200 Manage the Eagle Dash (T-shirts, refreshments, etc.)
  7. $4,000 Family Fun Night
  8. Other ways the PTO funds are used: special grant requests from teachers, equipment requests, Christmas luncheon for teachers, teacher appreciation events, supporting our principals with special requests, school wide activities, etc.
  9. Please visit the PTO website to see further details on how funds are utilized
Thank you again for your support!