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Admissions Process

Jana Hoglund * Director of Admissions * * 616.574.5605

Students from Grand Rapids Christian Middle, Rockford Christian, Ada Christian & West Side Christian Schools do not need to complete the Application for Admission or subsequent application materials.  Students from these schools are automatically accepted as students to Grand Rapids Christian High School.  Students should plan on attending their school specific course scheduling night with counselors beginning in January 2018.

Grand Rapids Christian High School focuses on attracting students prepared to thrive in a rigorous academic program and interested in becoming a citizen of our school community through their development in academics, arts, athletics, leadership, and spiritual life. Grand Rapids Christian High School’s model applicant challenges himself/herself to grow in all these areas.


We understand that every student who applies is unique, and has strengths and weaknesses in many areas that are different from one student to the next. We examine the following areas when making our decision:

    • Academics

      • The applicant having successfully completed the appropriate levels of core subjects including but not limited to English & math.
      • The applicant’s academic performance including grades and standardized testing scores.
      • The applicant’s ability to meet the academic rigor of Grand Rapids Christian High School.
      • The applicant’s academic goals.
    • Integrity and CharacterInvolvement and Community: The applicant’s eagerness to fully participate in school, home, and church activities.

      • The applicant’s previous conduct with regards to his or her previous school(s), authority figures, and/or peers.
      • The applicant’s emotional stability, and behavior record.
      • The applicant’s demonstrated character qualities of integrity, self-discipline and motivation, consistent effort, obedient spirit, positive attitude and respectful behavior.
      • The applicant’s stated ability to adhere to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Parent-Student Handbook & Code of Conduct.
    • Statement of Faith: The applicant and his or her parents stated understanding and willingness to adhere to the Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ mission to provide students with a faith based education and that all subjects are taught through the lens of a Christian world view.

    • Other: The applicant’s previous school attendance – the applicant should have minimal tardies and/or absences on his or her record.

GRCS Enrollment Policies:  Education at Grand Rapids Christian Schools is rooted in historical Christian doctrinal confessions from the Reformed tradition; these confessions form the foundation on which education is delivered. GRCS’ adherence to the historical Christian confessions is not intended to preclude a child from enrollment. Rather, the confessions are the lens through which education is delivered. Enrollment at GRCS is, therefore, open to all families that desire a comprehensive Christian education for their children regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, family structure, or denominational affiliation and that agree to have their children educated according to GRCS’ Statement of Faith.

The broadly diverse Christian education community that comprises Grand Rapids Christian Schools creates opportunities for meaningful faith dialogue and Christian testimony and strengthens education from a Christian perspective to increased numbers of students and families throughout the region. Given the breadth of diversity of the Grand Rapids Christian Schools community, there may be times when the Schools’ faith perspective is not aligned with a family’s own personal Christian perspective, interpretation of scripture, or point of view. 

A parent’s or guardian’s signature on the annual enrollment agreement, however, represents their understanding and support of GRCS’ interpretation of the Reformed confessions, statement of faith, and its deliberate integration of faith in ways that are aligned with its Reformed worldview. Parents and guardians who are not able to assent to these basic requirements must agree in writing to permit their children to be taught according to GRCS’ educational philosophy and Christ-centered educational process.

Enrollment Procedure Policy: Enrollment decisions are ultimately the responsibility of the principals. Principals make admissions decisions in consultation with GRCS Admissions staff, as well as—when necessary—after consultation with teaching staff and/or educational support service staff.

Diversity: Grand Rapids Christian Schools values diversity and accepts students without discrimination as to race, color, sex, or national origin.

Transfer Students: Grand Rapids Christian High School is unable to consider students for transfer admission under the following circumstances:

    • Incoming 12th grade students
    • After the start of the second semester of a student’s 11th grade year
    • After the start of the Grand Rapids Christian High School’s second quarter of either 1st or 2nd semester

PLEASE NOTE:  The above restrictions on admissions will be taken under consideration if a family has had a recent relocation or if a significant change of circumstance has occurred.

Acknowledgement: By submitting the Application for Admission I acknowledge that the information provided is true, accurate, and complete, and I understand that if it is not my child could be denied enrollment to Grand Rapids Christian Schools.

Application Deadlines

    • Friday, March 2, 2018
    • Friday, April 13, 2018
    • Friday, May 18, 2018
    • Friday, July 20, 2018 

NWEA Testing Dates Offered At GRCHS

    • Saturday, March 10, 2018
    • Saturday, April 21, 2018
    • Saturday, May 26, 2018
    • Wednesday, July 25, 2018 

Course Registration Dates
Dates TBD (January – August, 2018)

      1.     Inquire
Complete the inquiry form online.

2.     Apply
Parents and/or guardians are required to complete, sign and submit the Application for Admission.  The application is available after the initial inquiry.

3.     Academic Records
Applicants are required to complete the Grand Rapids Christian Record Request Form and submit one copy to their current school and one copy to the Grand Rapids Christian High School Director of Admissions.  Required items include the following:

    • All Students
      •  Current course list
      • Standardized test results, 3 years (NWEA-MAP, PSAT/SAT, ACT)
      • IEP, 504 Plan, accommodations/support services list (if applicable)
      • Discipline records, 3 years (if applicable)
      • Attendance records, 3 years
      • Immunization record or waiver
    • Current High School Students
      • High school transcript (unofficial)
      • Most recent grade/progress report
      • 9th graders:  7th and 8th grade report cards
    • Current Middle School Students
      • 6th-8th grade report cards
      • Most recent grade/progress report

4.     Educator’s Recommendation
Applicants should provide a current teacher’s or administrator’s name and contact to the Director of Admissions for the completion of the Educator’s Recommendation Form.

5.     Student Admissions Questionaire
Applicants will be sent a link to the online Student Admissions Questionnaire for completion by the student applicant.

6.     NWEA Standardized Testing
All new incoming 9th graders are required to have current (most recent school year) NWEA-MAP testing scores.  (*New incoming 10th-12th may use PSAT, SAT or ACT testing results instead.)  If the applicant’s current school does not administer the NWEA test, he/she will be required to take the test through Grand Rapids Christian High School and assessed a $15 testing fee.  Tests will be offered in March, April, May and July.  Please register NWEA Standardized Testing here.

7.     Family Interview
The family interview is the final step in the application process, following completion of the application paperwork. Interviews are with the student, at least one parent or guardian, the GRCHS Director of Admissions, and an administrator.

The interview offers the chance to sit down and meet each other, as an alternative to having an admissions team only evaluate a student’s application. A typical interview lasts approximately 30 minutes, and is a time when the student and parent(s) may ask any questions and share their perspectives. The Director of Admissions works directly from the student’s application and supporting materials to discuss academics at GRCHS, involvement in co-curricular activities, and the unique spiritual opportunities we offer each student as a Christian school.

Interviews are scheduled during regular school day hours (between 8am – 4pm) and on occasion in the evening. The Director of Admissions will initiate the interview appointment, and contact you after the completion of all application and testing materials.

Applicants receiving educational or inclusive educational support services will also be required to meet with the program coordinator to determine support level and accommodations.

8.     Deadlines and Decision
All materials (application, records, test scores, questionnaire, etc.) should be submitted by one of four application deadlines.  Once all items have been received, the Grand Rapids Christian High School Admissions Review Committee will review your child’s application and an admissions decision will be made.  Admissions notices will be sent out via email communication.

2018-2019 Application Deadlines:

    • Friday, March 2, 2018
    • Friday, April 13, 2018
    • Friday, May 18, 2018
    • Friday, July 20, 2018

9.     Course Registration
Course registration will take place once the applicant has been accepted as a new student to Grand Rapids Christian High School.  Registering for classes early ensures that your child will have first pick at the classes they desire.  It does not cost anything to register for classes, and it does NOT serve as a commitment to send your child to Grand Rapids Christian.

10.  Financial Aid Application
Once the admissions process has been completed and the applicant has been accepted as a new student to Grand Rapids Christian High School, you will receive information on how to apply for financial aid.  Financial aid information will be made available in February 2018.  Please note that financial aid funds are limited, and are distributed based on need as well as on a first come-first serve basis.

11.  Enrollment Agreement and Tuition Payment Plan
Once the admissions process has been completed and the applicant has been accepted as a new student to Grand Rapids Christian High School, you will need to complete the 2018-2019 Enrollment Agreement, including the amount of financial aid you have been awarded, if applicable.  Online enrollment agreement will be sent out in the spring of the year (2018).  At this point your enrollment process will be complete.

12.  Orientation
Over the summer you will receive information about the orientation dates, along with other important school information.

  • Students may not have any contact with Grand Rapids Christian High School coaches prior to being enrolled as a new student.

  • Transfer students interested in participating in any MHSAA athletic opportunities will need to complete the MHSAA New Student Transfer Form.  This form will be made available once the applicant has been accepted as a new student to Grand Rapids Christian High School.

  • Once the student has been officially enrolled (enrollment agreement submitted) as a new student at GRCHS, they will be able to participate in athletic practices and workouts.

  • Due to MHSAA regulations, new students may not be eligible to participate in any varsity level MHSAA athletic competitions for one full semester.  Students starting in the fall of the year would be eligible after MLK day of that school year, and students starting mid-year will be eligible in the fall of the year.

  • For other athletic questions and MHSAA guidelines and regulations, please contact the Director of Admissions, Jana Hoglund at 616.574.5605 or

  • Scholarships (academic, athletic or otherwise) are not available from, nor provided by, Grand Rapids Christian Schools.


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