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Planning Class Reunions

The Development Office would be happy to assist you by:

  • providing class lists, including addresses and contact information
  • offering suggestions for setting up a class Facebook page
  • sending out emails to classmates
  • reviewing details with you to assist you in planning for the event
  • designing and mailing out printed invitations
  • setting up online registration pages and tracking RSVPs
  • printing nametags

Getting Started

  1. Each class will need a planning committee. Are you interested in planning your class celebration? Contact Lindsay Hart, Director of Community Engagement, at 616.574.6017 or

  2. Set up a class Facebook page to get the word out and start engaging classmates.

  3. Review your class list (provided by the Development Office) and help find lost classmates and update address and contact information as you are able.

Planning the Celebration

  1. Choose a date for your reunion. Alumni Weekend 2018 will be announced in November. Holding your reunion on the Saturday of Alumni weekend, will facilitate out-of-town classmates participating in other special events being planned for the weekend, such as the Homecoming football game, the Super Eagle 5k, and tours of the high school.

  2. Choose and reserve a location. Some classes have picnics, casual gatherings, or formal dinners. Choose a style that you think will work best for your class. Reservations should be made as soon as possible!

  3. Plan the event, including the menu, entertainment, and decorations.

  4. Set the price per person, including anticipated costs for the venue, food, printed materials and postage, decorations, entertainment, and any other costs associated with the celebration.

Getting the Word Out

  1. Pass along the details of your celebration to the Development Office so they can be added to the Schools website and emails and invitations designed and sent out.

  2. Post the details on your class Facebook page, and engage alumni with other posts such as memories or pictures from your school days.

  3. The Development Office will mail out printed invitations about 12 weeks before your event.

After the Reunion

Pass along photos from the event to the Development Office for use on the Schools’ website, social media, or in other school related publications.

Any questions? Contact Lindsay Hart, Director of Community Engagement, at 616.574.6017 or

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