Grand Rapids Christian
High School

Grand Rapids Christian High School is one of West Michigan’s top-performing high schools. Named an “Exemplary Secondary School” by the U.S. Department of Education, it’s recognized for:

  • Its extraordinary culture of faith
  • The breadth and excellence of its academics
  • The quality and diversity of its fine arts
  • Its wide range of athletic activities

Grand Rapids Christian High School encourages learning that builds on students’ gifts and talents. The DeVos Center for Arts and Worship offers hands-on experience in fine arts, both on stage and behind the scenes. We also offer many advanced placement classes to prepare students for college.

We expect students to demonstrate knowledge of our Christian perspective as they are challenged to make decisions, raise questions, and examine real-life problems through the curriculum.

We also expect students to be active participants in their learning, giving their best efforts toward using their God-given potential.

The 900-plus students at Grand Rapids Christian High School meet rigorous academic standards:

  • 91% of the Class of 2014 attend colleges and universities
  • The Class of 2014 average ACT composite score was 23.4.  The average of the top 25% of scores was 30.1.  This compares to the state average of 19.9 and a national average of 20.9. 
  • In 2014, 209 students took 330 Advancement Placement exams in 9 areas.  Students earned at least one score of three or higher on 76% of those exams.  This significantly exceeds state and national averages of 67% and 61% respectively.

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