Grand Rapids Christian High School

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

All students at Grand Rapids Christian High School are invited to participate in the following service projects or activities. For more information about these opportunities, contact Assistant Principal Joanne VanderWilp at (616) 574-5500.


Students are invited to submit their literary and art works for publication in The MUSE, the school's literary publication. The opportunity for being part of the production and publication as well as a contributor is open to all students.

This experience offers students the opportunity to see government in action first-hand on the local, state, and national level. Students who participate in the local and state level Close-Up programs have a one-day experience in Grand Rapids and another in Lansing observing the processes, programs, and people involved in governing. The students who choose to participate in National Close-Up have the opportunity to go to Washington, DC for a week where they have an intensive exposure to national politics in action. The students who make that choice are responsible for funding their own experiences. They have the opportunity to defray the costs by participating in fund-raisers. Local and State Close-up are open to seniors only, and National Close-Up is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Students interested in developing, refining, and testing their public speaking skills are offered the opportunity to be involved in the forensics program. Forensics is offered as an A/E class, although registering for the classes is not a requirement to participating in the extra-curricular program.

Students interested in being part of the school newspaper, may sign up with the advisor. Members of the staff take responsibility for the publication of the newspaper including writing, editing, preparing for press, and distribution.

Students sign up to be part of the Embers yearbook staff when they register for their fall classes. Membership on the staff is limited to about fifteen students. They are involved in the design, copy-writing, layout, photography, ordering, and distribution of the yearbook.

Each spring students are invited to participate in the Fine Arts Festival in the categories of art, drama, music, and writing. In addition, students are offered the opportunity to serve on committees, which make the festival possible. Other activities during the festival include a fine arts chapel, performance night, and noontime performances. The events are open to all students.

Students volunteer to assist new students coming into Christian High from schools outside the Grand Rapids Christian Schools, Ada, and West Side. They go through the orientation and first day with those students, show them around the school, and attempt to ease the stresses associated with starting a new school. This opportunity for service is available to all students.

Students generally meet two evenings a month at school to develop and practice their improvisational acting skills. They work toward refining their skills to the audience-ready level for performances during the school year.

Students are offered an opportunity to participate in a trip to Japan to our sister school, the Omi Brotherhood School. They attend classes during seventh hour for a part of the school year to learn about the culture, the country, the people, the language, and some fundamental skills needed for traveling to Japan. They have fund-raisers to help defray the cost of the trip. The students are responsible for paying for their own trips. The trip occurs in mid-June every other year. This opportunity is available to all students.

Students may apply to become Peer Listeners. Students accepted into the program receive training and refresher course work during each school year. The program is supervised by staff and is open to Juniors and Seniors.

Students are invited to participate on the Quiz Bowl team. The team members meet regularly to refine their skills, practice for the meets, and compete against other area schools. This is open to all students with strong academic skills.

Each year students participate on various standing committees of the staff. Interested students submit applications for the committees on which they wish to serve. Any students regardless of grade level may submit applications.

Students interested in Science are invited to participate in preparation for Science Olympiad where students compete with students from other schools in a variety of events.

Loosely structured, this group of students meets to go skiing at Cannonsburg Ski Area usually once a week throughout the ski season. Everyone is invited to go along.

Each year students nominate members of their grade to the slate of candidates for Student Congress. They then vote for those they wish to represent them in this form of student government. The incoming ninth grade class members are asked in September to volunteer for membership. Each grade has ten to twelve members in the congress. Those members are responsible for grade level special activities, for involvement in a variety of school committees, and for taking leadership roles within the school.

Students Educating Each other about Diversity is a group of students committed to celebrating and promoting diversity at Christian High and beyond. The group is open to all students.

Each year students have the opportunity to try out for parts in the play/musical production. The auditions are open to the entire student body. Besides being actors, students are able to participate in a wide range of related crews and committees that are essential to the production including student directing, makeup, lighting, set/props collection, and construction.

Affiliated with the United Way, this organization is made up of a board of about twelve students with an advisor. That board offers opportunities for community involvement to the rest of the student body and staff. In the past the opportunities offered included: collecting shoes for the homeless for distribution through various agencies, pennies for Project Rehab/Dakotah House, toys for needy children, organizing holiday parties for children in shelters, etc. Membership on the board is open to all grade levels with participation in the activities open to the entire school population.


Each year four seniors are selected to attend Grand Rapids Rotary Club as student members. They are selected on the basis of their academic standing, their leadership within the student body, and their volunteer services.

Four students, generally two juniors and two seniors, are selected to participate in this activity. They join representatives of the other city schools in this forum organized and run by the Grand Rapids Public Schools. The group plans joint activities and projects. Our students are selected on the basis of their leadership, interests in community relations, and their ability to work with others.

Open to all students at Christian High, this group meets together for Christian fellowship and faith enrichment. This provides students an opportunity to share their faith with one another, talk over issues of concern, and develop special bonds of friendship through that and the group's various social activities.

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