Educational Support Services

Grand Rapids Christian Schools seeks to support and celebrate the gifts and abilities of each student. We understand that God’s children have different learning styles and varying strengths and challenges. To ensure success for all our students, Grand Rapids Christian Schools offers Educational Support Services (ESS) for those who may need assistance beyond the traditional classroom.

ESS serves over 350 children among all Grand Rapids Christian Schools with a wide variety of individualized services, including short term tutoring, testing, academic support, and inclusion services for special needs students.

Student Targeted Emphasis Periods (STEP)

Grand Rapids Christian Schools has recently enhanced its ESS program by instituting Student Targeted Emphasis Periods for grades 1-4. With STEP, regular progress monitoring allows general classroom teachers to identify students who are at risk of falling behind, particularly in the areas of math and reading. These students may then be given additional or alternative instruction or other resources appropriate for the level of assistance needed. The goal of STEP is to provide students with the type of instruction and educational assistance they need to be successful in the general education classroom.


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