Student Support Services


Grand Rapids Christian Schools seeks to support and celebrate the gifts and abilities of all learners.    Because of our commitment to ensure academic, social, and spiritual growth for all students, Grand Rapids Christian Schools offers Student Support Services for those learners who may benefit from additional support in meeting their individual goals.  

Student Support Services provides support for students in order that they may reach their full academic and social potential. We offer comprehensive programming which includes Educational Support Services, Inclusion Services, and services for students with academic talents.

For detailed information regarding the services we provide, please contact the Director of Student Support Services, Sheryl Jo, at 616.574.6011 or via email at

Our Vision

Grand Rapids Christian Schools Support Services staff seeks to partner with staff and parents in providing targeted support and instruction to students with unique learning needs so that each learner who is created in the image of our Heavenly Father will grow spiritually, academically, and socially as a servant of Christ.

Our Commitments

Grand Rapids Christian Schools Support Services staff is committed to …

  • remaining knowledgeable, highly-educated, and recognized as experts by parents, colleagues, and members of the broader community.

  • approaching our jobs with vibrancy and dedication so that, as a unified team of coordinators and paraprofessionals, we go above and beyond what is expected in order to provide the best possible educational experience for all learners.

  • striving to be Christian servant leaders who nurture the faith development of all students.

  • seeking to create an environment that nurtures the whole child in which all learners feel safe and accepted.

  • providing effective, targeted instruction to meet the unique needs of all learners in order that they may become self-directed Christian servants.

  • supporting frequent and effective communication among parents, staff and students, intentionally building relationships that promote collaborative partnerships.


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