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Off-Campus Learning
GRCS Technology Tips and Responsible Use Reminders

GRCS Technology Tips and Responsible Use Reminders

Technology Tips During Off-Campus Learning

  1. Internet Options: If you don’t have wi-fi at home, be sure to check out the Internet Options information posted last week on the GRCS Off-Campus Learning Hub.
  2. Tech Support Form: If there is a problem with the GRCS assigned tech device during the closure, please complete this Tech Support Form. Students, this form can also be found in Eaglenet on the Forms tab. Tech staff will connect with you to make every attempt to resolve the issue remotely.
  3. Zoom: If there are issues with the video or audio in a Zoom meeting, quit Zoom, and then re-open it using the teacher-provided link. Closing the window will not resolve the issue. To quit Zoom on the Mac laptop, go to File to Quit. On an iPad, double click the home button, and swipe up on the Zoom app. 
  4. Cleaning: While we cleaned shared devices at our buildings, we did not clean individual student-assigned devices. Refer to How to Clean Your Apple Products, for specific instructions on cleaning your school-issued device as well as any personal Apple device.
  5. Internet Filtering: All of our devices do have the school internet filter running on them, but parents should monitor students online as internet filtering technologies are never 100% effective. Please know that YouTube is not blocked, and students should be monitored while using it.

Technology Responsible Use Reminders

  1. School Device: GRCS provides devices during the school year for the purpose of enhancing, enriching, and facilitating learning and communication related to schoolwork. Engage with your technology devices in ways that are God-honoring, responsible, ethical, and legal. Using the school device as a personal device should be minimal.
  2. Socializing Online: It is wonderful that we can embrace online conversations in so many ways. Remember to show respect for all, including yourself. You are a child of God made in His image, and your actions online should represent this.
  3. “Social Distancing”: We often have a drink by our side while we work and communicate using technology. Other than loss or theft, a liquid spill can be the most expensive repair. So, “social distance” that cup, and move it 6 feet away so that you don’t find yourself paying for a repair.
  4. Community Areas: Use GRCS issued devices only in community areas in your home; not in bathrooms or bedrooms.


Contact Sheila VanderWoude
GRCS Director of Technology