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GRCS Devotional: May 28, 2020


Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School Iroquois Campus 3rd grade Spanish Immersion teacher, Vanessa Abreu, brings today's devotional focusing on teamwork.

Who's missing watching sports right now? Sure, we can watch re-runs of our favorite teams, but there is nothing like watching a live sporting event! Did you know that following Jesus is sort of like being on a team? First — ask yourself this: What does it mean to make Jesus our Lord? It means we put Him in charge of how we live today as well as where we spend eternity — we join His team! We all have a place on His team — we are all ONE in Christ Jesus. We can draw strength from one another, build each other up, and work together to glorify the Lord.

When was the last time you drew strength from someone else's faith? Is there someone you need to build up this week?