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Preschool students studying animal bones

God created children as natural learners and they come to preschool already equipped with knowledge to build upon. Teachers are partners to the child’s growth and learning. Questioning, hands on exploration and play are ways that inquiry learning is achieved. Our topics or “themes” to be discussed throughout the year are inspired by the student’s interests and wonderings.

In the classroom you will find 3-year olds, 4-year olds, and young 5-year olds learning together to form Evergreen’s preschool. We find that this multi-age class results in heightened learning with students learning; students learn each other, not just from the teacher.

Outside of the classroom, preschool students participate with other Evergreen students in Team Time groups. Peer relationships naturally form and a community of learners emerges.

These same groups are also used in prayer circles where preschoolers join with the older students to sing,  pray for each other and study scripture.

Preschool at Evergreen follows the balanced calendar schedule. It starts one day after Evergreen Teams begin and ends one week beforeEvergreen ends.

Students who are at least 4 years old can participate in the enrichment session activities on their regularly scheduled school days (M/W/TH). Preschool does not meet during this time. Preschoolers who participate in the enrichment sessions learn with the older students; an older student is paired with them to assist them through the day.

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Eagles Kids Club
Parents of young children can make tuition more affordable by participating in the Eagles Kids Club. Parents of children enrolled in a Grand Rapids Christian Schools preschool are eligible and can earn up to $1,000 in tuition reductions just by fulfilling the promise of a Christian education for their children. For more information, please contact Lindsay Hart at 616.574.6017 or

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Contact Lindsay Hart at 616.574.6017 or for more information about enrolling your child(ren) in preschool. We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your child(ren) and look forward to your interest in our Preschool programs. Please call to set up an appointment for a tour.

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