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7 kindergarten girls

At Evergreen Christian, kindergarten students learn alongside first grade students in a multiage classroom known as Team One. Older students model classroom procedures and behaviors for the younger students.  Students learn from and help each other as they form a family community.

Students cover the entire kindergarten and first grade curriculum in their two years in Team One.  This includes all national and state common core standards, along with Grand Rapids Christian Schools curriculum standards. All Evergreen teachers use the inquiry method of teaching to engage students using high-level questioning, research, hands-on materials, and presentations.  Project-based learning takes place at all grade levels; students are guided by teachers as they search for answers to questions and present what they have learned to other students.

Zoophonics is the phonics program that is used in Team One. It is a strong phonics program that uses a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic approach to learning phonics.  It also uses animals to learn letters and sounds.  Twenty six animals relate to upper and lower case letters by sight, sound, and signal.  While learning phonics, Team 1 students also learn about the awesome variety of animals in God’s creation!

Families of kindergarten students may choose from a three full-day kindergarten program that meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday or a five full-day kindergarten program that meets Monday through Friday.  All first grade students meet five full days each week.

Kindergarteners may participate in the Enrichment Weeks at Evergreen, choosing either three full days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) or five full days (Monday through Friday).  They may also choose to use the enrichment weeks as a break from their school routine.

All kindergarten students participate in weekly Team Times, prayer circles, and chapels.  Kindergarten students also have physical education, music, art, library, Spanish, and computer classes.

Click here for a complete list of 2017-2018 Kindergarten options.

Please feel free to contact Linda Vellenga for more information about Kindergarten at 616.574.6015 or We welcome the opportunity to meet you and your child(ren), and we look forward to your inquiry about our Kindergarten programs.

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