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18-19 Impact Report Web Graphics9. Alumni Otte

After graduating from Grand Rapids Christian Schools, alumni go on to accomplish great things. Whether making their mark on the entertainment industry, building leaders and transforming communities, contributing to rain forest conservation, or using their athletic skills to inspire the next generation, the paths for GRCS alumni are as diverse as they are exciting. Catch up with these seven alumni who look back on how their experiences at GRCS prepared them to pursue their passions and explore God’s plan for their future.

Taelyn Otte

GRCHS Class of 2011

Special Education Teacher, Wyoming Public Schools

Her greatest passion

Working with youth who have mental and/or physical needs

Why hockey is at her very core:

I started playing hockey when I was five years old. It has always been much more than just a game for me. For as long as I can remember, it has always been one of my favorite ways to glorify God.

Her biggest supporters at GRCS:

Daimond Dixon and Joe Kolet are the two most influential trainers/coaches that helped me in achieving my life-long goal of playing Division I college ice hockey. Both of these coaches believed in me and supported me through all my injuries. I couldn’t have done it without them pushing me and having my back. 

Why she believes in a good support system:

School didn’t always come easy to me; I struggled with English and received help through the Student Support Services program at Grand Rapids Christian. I am a very hard worker and strived to receive good grades. I graduated with a high 3.8-grade point average which wouldn’t be possible without the help from my school tutors and family supporting and encouraging me to never give up and always work hard.

How she puts her experience to good use as a special education teacher:

My passions have driven my career goals, and now I am living them out every day as a coach and a special education teacher. I have always had a passion for working with youth who have mental and/or physical needs. I know God has given me the gift of seeing these children in His light, and I am able to learn so many amazing things through my students every day.


In March 2021, Otte was named the new Girls Hockey Program Director for Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association (GRAHA). The August/September issue of West Michigan Woman magazine featured an interview with Otte focusing on her plans and goals for the growing GRAHA program.

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