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Dear Friends,

2018-2019 was a dynamic year. Together, we witnessed the accomplishments of nearly 2300 students as they navigated their own personal journeys, grew in their relationships with God, participated in hundreds of co-curricular activities, and weathered an unprecedented number of snow days!

At the end of the year, 210 students became high school graduates at commencement, representing the 99th graduating class of Grand Rapids Christian High School — taking their next step toward continuing education, service, or work — prepared to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society.

We pray for them in their continued journeys of faith and action. These high school seniors, in addition to all of the students at our five campuses, were guided by our dedicated faculty and staff, the wider community, and the annual themes that permeated each classroom throughout the year. These themes, thoughtfully developed by the staff at each school, anchored the students and teachers as they explored together God’s call on students’ lives through meaningful lessons learned both in and outside of the classroom. 

The 2018-2019 Impact Report is devoted to exploring how each school lived out its unique theme. At the Iroquois Campus, Krista Vanderzee and Rachel Jen’s second-grade Spanish Immersion class developed new ways to decrease waste in their classroom, demonstrating how even small children can “work in God’s garden” to protect and preserve the Earth. At GRCMS, Stephanie Tanis’ annual health fair guided students in the exploration of serious health topics, encouraging empathy for the struggles of others as they “build a kingdom” of understanding and support. At Christian High, Eagle Way Award winners demonstrated grace and perseverance in their journeys toward graduation, “leaving their mark” on a diverse world.

These stories and many more showcase Grand Rapids Christian’s dedication to upholding Christian teachings while implementing unique, comprehensive learning across disciplines. Join us as we celebrate the tangible ways in which students and graduates of Grand Rapids Christian Schools embody our mission today and the many days to come. 

Tom DeJonge, Superintendent

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