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20 YE Appeal — Together We Soar

At Grand Rapids Christian Schools, our goal is to ensure an outstanding Christian education is readily accessible and we are dedicated to carrying out our mission of preparing students to be effective servants of Christ in contemporary society.

The Eagles Fund — Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ annual fund that provides immediate resources and lasting impact for more than 2000 students across our five campuses — is the bedrock of charitable giving for our school community.

The Eagles Fund supports GRCS students through tuition assistance and student support services, and helps maintain our schools’ exceptional academics and fine arts programs.

By partnering with us and supporting the Eagles Fund, you enhance the GRCS experience for both current students and generations of students to come. Each year, hundreds of parents, grandparents, staff, alumni, and supporters partner with us by making an investment in our students.

Below you will learn why these GRCS community members support the Eagles Fund and why they encourage others to do the same. By supporting the Eagles Fund, you express your commitment to provide students a Christ-centered, student-focused education.

We are drawn together by God, who will do a new thing through our collaboration (Isaiah 43:19).

We invite your partnership and participation in GRCS’ mission and vision because Together We Soar.

Together we Soar!

20 YE Appeal 1 — Berkhof Family

20 YE Appeal 2 — Bridgewater Family

20 YE Appeal 3 — Buursma Family

20 YE Appeal 4 — Abreu Family

20 YE Appeal 5 — Tardy Family

20 YE Appeal 6 — Taylor Family

20 YE Appeal 8  — Butler Family

20 YE Appeal 6 — McGhee Family

20 YE Appeal — Where Your Investment Goes
20 YE Appeal — Tuition Assistance
20 YE Appeal — PD
20 YE Appeal — New Students
20 YE Appeal — Donors

This year the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act established a one-time charitable deduction for the 90% of taxpayers who claim the standard deduction. For the 2020 tax year only, charitable contributions of up to $300 for individuals and up to $600 for married couples may be deducted from your adjusted gross income. To qualify for the deduction, your gift to the Eagles Fund must be received on or before December 31, 2020.




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