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Opportunity Changes Everything


Opportunity happens here.

Students are at the center of Grand Rapids Christian. For nearly 100 years, our schools have provided students with exceptional opportunities to discover their gifts and pursue their passions.

There is no higher priority than ensuring resources are available to allow for enrollment regardless of financial status, sustain our educational and fine arts programs, and create innovative opportunities for all students to create, excel, and go on to impact their communities in positive ways as servants of Christ.

A gift to the Eagles Fund opens the door of opportunity. Opportunity to engage with a dedicated staff who pour into their students and fuel their passion for the future. Opportunity for students to find their voice and share their gifts on a larger stage. And the opportunity for students to participate in outstanding programs that help them realize their full potential. A Christ-centered, student-focused education is more important now than ever before. Help us open more doors by making a Christian education accessible to over 700 students who receive tuition assistance and create opportunities for the nearly 2300 students on our five campuses by investing in our outstanding academic and fine arts programs.

Will you help us open more doors? Opportunity changes everything.

I found my voice.  Danny Doyle, Sophomore at GRCHS

Read Danny's Story

When you come from a large family, finding your voice can be challenging.

Having five siblings who swim or play hockey, basketball, and soccer, Danny Doyle chose his own path geared toward music and singing. But it was through the opportunity to learn about and experience Broadway as part of a Winterim class that Danny truly found his voice. Already a member of the GRCHS choir, the Broadway course inspired him to audition for the fall musical, landing the role of Tarzan in Disney’s Tarzan: The Musical.

The Christ-centered education along with the scope of programs for students of all learning styles and abilities is what drew Danny and his family to Grand Rapids Christian. They believe the challenging course work will prepare him academically for his future, but more importantly chapel and small groups will prepare him spiritually to handle any challenges he may face.

And the opportunity to grow and perform his God-given gifts will prepare him to share his voice with the world.

I found my passion.

Read AJ's Story

Finding your passion is not always an easy task, but for Grand Rapids Christian High School student AJ Williams, the desire to teach and guide elementary school students revealed itself very early.

In seventh grade, AJ joined the Future Teacher Program during iXplore week. Combining his ambition to become a teacher and his own experience in Evergreen’s Team Time groups, Williams understood that the elementary years are vital to students’ future success. While tutoring second graders at Potter’s House Christian School, he connected with students at recess and assisted them with their assignments, reinforcing his ambition to pursue elementary education.

In early 2020, AJ will join a Winterim trip to the Dominican Republic where he will have the opportunity further his teaching skills but in a new environment and culture.

AJ and his mom are grateful for the love and care the GRCS teachers, support staff, and student body have shown and the powerful, positive impact they have had on his life. He has learned the importance of academics from coaches who asked, “What happens when the ball stops bouncing?” and from teachers like Mr. Christians who have taught him to embrace his own unique learning style.

GRCS has strengthened AJ’s love for Christ and his passion to become a strong role model in the community.

GRCS Summer Session Jr
19 YE Appeal Web Summer Session Jr. Stats

This summer, over the course of 4 weeks, 32 students entering 2nd through 5th grade from all GRCS campuses participated in a new targeted intervention program designed to help them reach grade-level performance before the start of the new school year. Thanks to Summer Session Jr., students made tremendous academic gains and were well-prepared to hit the ground running in the fall!

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