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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Grand Rapids Art Museum
5:30 pm - Registration | 7:00 pm - Program
Stationed Dinner and Museum Open Immediately Following Program

A century ago, small and deeply committed groups of individuals in Grand Rapids shared a bold aspiration: to start a school that would prepare young people to be servants of Christ in a fast-changing world. Today, as we prepare for the launch of the second century of Grand Rapids Christian Schools in March 2023, we celebrate 100 years of sustained commitment to the aspirational vision of our founders. We also recognize that, generation after generation, our history has always had a future focus: looking forward, and preparing students for purposeful, faith-centered lives as they go forth into their world.

As we approach the start of our second century, we thank you for everything you and many others have done thus far to benefit our students. It is because of you and God’s grace working through you that our students thrive and our schools flourish.

Because of the relevance of our mission to your values and the special relationship we share, we hope you will consider becoming a sponsor and joining us at a special event on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, at the Grand Rapids Art Museum (GRAM) to mark the completion of our first-century history and the promise of our future ahead. Together we will enjoy dinner, drinks, and art as we honor several people who have contributed to our mission over many years in especially meaningful ways. These include: 

  • Sid Jansma, Jr., Class of 1961, chairman of the board of Wolverine Gas and Oil Corporation and the 2023 recipient of the Richard M. DeVos Distinguished Alumni Award

  • Past and Present Teachers of GRCS, 2023 recipients of the Eagle Impact Award 

At this event, we will also publicly launch Go Forth, Grand Rapids Christian Schools’ funding campaign designed to further transform learning by extending educational experiences in learning environments that go well beyond the boundaries of a single classroom or building. With an ambitious goal of $13.5 million, Go Forth represents our commitment to students, further expands innovation in programs, and equips our future graduates to live out God’s call on their lives by effecting positive transformations in their communities and around the world.

Thank you for partnering with us for the Go Forth Gala!

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Title Sponsor

Presenting Sponsor

Legacy Sponsors

Bill and Laurie Boer

Heritage Sponsors

Khary and Jennifer Bridgewater

Bob and Sue Eames Family

The Kleinheksel Family

Dave and Jodi VanWingerden

Tom and Jacquie DeJonge

Brad Haverkamp

Matt and Dani Kool

Caleb and Amy Doezema

Ron and Heidi Hofman

Dave and Kelly Tuit

Celebration Sponsors

David and Amy Leonard

Aaron and Jodi Veldheer


for questions and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Dana Stenstrom

Director of Events
616.340.8440 |



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