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Financial Aid

Grand Rapids Christian Schools provides financial aid to families who meet income eligibility requirements. All financial aid recipients must apply by completing a Smart Aid Application. Smart Aid provides a fair and confidential assessment of a family’s financial need. Based on that assessment, the amount of funds available and additional internal criteria, Grand Rapids Christian Schools determines the amount of financial aid for which a family is eligible, notifies the family of the amount of the financial aid package, and awards the amount following a family’s acceptance of the financial aid award. Please note that academic and athletic scholarships are not available from nor provided by Grand Rapids Christian Schools. 


  • Have a copy of your prior year's taxes available for reference.
  • Calculate monthly expenses (house/rent, car payment/insurance, daycare, health premiums/out of pocket medical expenses, charitable contributions, college tuition, and elder care).


  • Contact an Admissions Team member for instructions on how to apply online.
  • Submit your prior year tax documents and W2s to Smart Aid after you have completed your application.